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Vihana’s Weight Loss Retreat

We don’t believe in fast fixes, but if you’re struggling to commit to that new diet or your latest New Year resolution, then a focused weight loss retreat might be the best way to make that new healthy lifestyle stick.

Our luxury weight loss retreats are results-orientated programmes which provide tangible results and a chance to change your habits and start a long term lifestyle change with our yoga teachers, master chefs and retreat experts.

With your body in a solid weight balance, you will have more energy to conquer niggling medical issues, partake in your favored wellness pursuits and active recreation time, just as by and large have more bliss in realizing you are looking and feeling your own best.

  • Daily 2 Asana Classes
  • 1 Ayurvedic Massage
  • Yoga Philosophy Sessions
  • Meditation Sessions
  • Waterfall Visits
  • Beatle Ashram Visit

Focus of Weigh Loss Retreat

To ensure that your body achieves and maintains its optimal weight and preferred shape it requires:

  • The right balance of wholesome nutrition for your body type and lifestyle
  • The effective regular removal of internal metabolic waste to prevent an unhealthy build-up and correct a slow metabolism
  • Regular quality movement specific to your body type and lifestyle.
  • A consistent stress management plan to protect the endocrine system and hormonal functioning from stress disruptor.

Vihana's Weight Loss Focus Program assists with addressing these parts, engaging you to assume responsibility for accomplishing and dealing with your own ideal body shape and weight.

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Why Join Us

With your body in a solid weight balance, you will have more energy to conquer niggling medical issues, partake in your favored wellness pursuits and active recreation time, just as by and large have more bliss in realizing you are looking and feeling your own best.

Weight loss retreats at Vihana don't only make you fit but also help you step into a healthy lifestyle. Many people prefer to begin their slimming journey far away from their place to get a perfect break therefore we make your weight loss yoga retreats convenient and memorable.

At Vihana, we do care about your weight services which include delicious juices, hatha yoga, ashtanga yoga, Morning Walking Meditation, Panchakarma sessions, Ayurveda consultation with the Ayurveda doctor as well as you will have to follow a diet, which gives you impressive strength for your exercise.


Our motive is to make your weight loss yoga retreat worthwhile, We ensure you that your weight loss journey would be the best journey of your life. We make sure that you see the visible changes in your body while you spend every single day here. Our weight loss retreat enables you to accept the positivity from the core of your heart and take a step forward to live a fit life.

Based on a detailed health check, we design a personalised Weight Loss program for you that focuses on reducing body fat and improving your metabolism. Personal training plays a key role here.

Our fitness coaches will draw up a training program individually tailored to your needs. In concert with this, a nutrition concept based around your training program and sessions supports you in your healthy, sustainable weight-loss journey. We also provide you with all the important tips and tricks for permanent change to take home with you – so that you can adhere to your new lifestyle both mentally and physically!

Weight loss retreat is designed to give people a healthy and fit life through Yoga Practice, Naturopathy, Panchakarma. Our weight loss retreats are not about making you skinny. But to give you a healthy lifestyle in a natural way. when we talk about lifestyle. We include your food, Health, Your energy level.

During the Weight loss Retreat, We provide you, with 2 Asana classes (Hatha Yoga and Ashtanga Yoga (best practice to burn your calories). 1-hour Walking meditation, where you can walk in the garden or by the river.

Ayurveda consultation with Ayurveda doctor and suggested diet will be provided and strictly follow during the retreat, and we make sure you increase your stamina more, so one additional activity what can be according to locations. apart from these, you’ll get Panchakarma sessions and Naturopathy.

Our body is finely designed to stay in balance in terms of tissue building (anabolism) and tissue breaking down (catabolism). If the metabolism is disturbed - due to a variety of reasons, like improper bowel movement, indigestion, malfunctioning of the bladder - then it results in toxin build-up which leads to obesity. The reasons for obesity may vary from person to person, but the ayurvedic concept of weight loss revolves around detoxification, proper and careful diet management and suitable activity to get the desired results.

Ayurveda treatment will take into consideration the individual body type before the doctors set a complete program based on Ayurveda treatments, yoga and a customized diet for you.

Meal Plans

Vihana’s Weight Loss Retreat offers a unique culinary experience that fuses inspired passion with dietary wellness. Our menu offers a well-balanced menu, mixed with exquisite creativity. Our master chef’s have many years of experience cooking in various 5 star restaurants and hotels all across the globe and they personally choose the freshest Organic produce from the local providers. We strictly follow Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) | FDA guidelines in every way.

During the retreat, health smackers, juices, eggs, croissants, healthy bread, tea, coffee, and sometimes, Indian meals will be served along with grilled veggies, international salads, soups, rice, lentils, and others. Cooking classes will also be provided to those who are interested.

Accommodation & Location

Located in the foothills of the Himalayas, Vihana Retreat offers an oasis of tranquility far away from noisy cities. Our facilities and services are designed to make you feel at home and comfortable.

We have private rooms for individual clients with attached bathrooms and toiletries, as well as communal space for group classes and workshops where guests can rest and relax between activities.

This depression retreat in Rishikesh has been designed to suit all your physical, mental, and spiritual needs. We offer accommodation with a range of facilities that include private rooms with attached bathrooms, hi-speed internet access and meditation centers.

The Retreat is situated in an idyllic location, with access to facilities such as shops, cafes and restaurants. It is also located close to the famous Lakshman Jhula bridge and holy river Ganges.

The school provides a peaceful location to relax, unwind & practice yoga as it is situated close to the beautiful green mountains of the Himalayas.

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